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Monday, 2 July 2012

BFG Mr Jimmy Young

I appreciate that Jimmy Young is not the most erudite political commentator and I appreciate that this is extracted from the Sunday Express, but even by these low standards, Mr Young’s pontifications should not be allowed to pass without comment.
Indeed we must Mr Young, but how would you rank Rose Jones against Bob Diamond and his staff?
The fact that welfare payments overall have increased could of course be due to a huge range of factors and only an idiot would suggest it was solely due to fraud or even misplaced generosity.  Despite being wholly ill-informed, articles like this do have a cumulative influence on public opinion, which is being conned into believing that all people who receive benefits are undeserving scroungers and these scroungers are the root cause of all of the ills in society.  This is simply not true, but nevertheless, this jaundiced view causes the last vestiges of compassion to slowly ebb away.
The DWP with all of its resources does not have the ability to distinguish accurately between false & genuine, so how does Mr Young expect the public to do likewise? Disability hate crime has shown an alarming increase and it is Mr Young and his cronies that are directly responsible.  So put that on your turntable and spin on it Jimmy!
An equivalent loss arises through DWP inefficiency and incorrect payment, but this appears to have escaped your notice or does not deserve mention.  Public sector waste and profligacy for many people comes at the very top of the list of priorities to address.
I would simply ask you, how many benefits cheats do you know and how many people do you know who might one way or another be manipulating their tax payments?  In the interest of balance, it would be interesting to know if you would vilify your friends and colleagues to the same degree as the ‘parasites’ you have wrongly singled out in your article here.
BFG not BFN - 'Bye for Good!

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