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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hypocrisy with a capital "H"

Yesterday I was quite angry with Jimmy Carr, today I feel a bit sorry for him over the way he has been vilified when he has only done what all rich people do.  I think Mr Cameron’s beef is primarily because he didn’t think of it first. Some credit to Jimmy though as he has apparently pulled out of the K2 scam albeit for probably the wrong reasons –at least not out of a sense of moral duty, which for him must mean there is quite a price to pay for public acceptability.  Phillip Green by contrast along with most of his genre, just waves two fingers to us all. 
Rich people will only give up some of their wealth if they want to and it is a bit rich for Mr Cameron to talk about morality when he is presiding over the severest attack on the sick and disabled ever.  It seems there are no questions of morality when someone is wrongly declared fit to work and suffers, even dies as a result – c’est la vie???
Only a few weeks ago a Government sponsored ‘investment opportunity’ was highlighted where a £50k deposit generated an immediate £50k+ tax rebate, let alone returns subsequently. You do of course have to have £50k lying around spare, which I guess is why primarily footballers had shown interest.  I wonder which side of the morality line Mr Cameron would place this scheme?
I hope his and his Cabinet’s tax affairs are spotless and I hope the press will tell us if they are not.
Tax avoidance schemes like this are no less acceptable today than they were 5 years ago and it is dishonest in the extreme for Mr Cameron to suggest otherwise.  If everyone had paid their fair whack then, the national debt would not have been so large.